The Caveman meets the Rival Crock Pot…

So why the Crock Pot Caveman?

Well to explain why this blog came into existence, I have to first explain my own situation.  I have been with the same partner for over four and a half years now (and married to her for the last two) and over this time I have found myself slowly evolving into  a domestic situation in which I have become more and more use to not preparing my own meals, but instead reaping the rewards of being with someone who is a very very good cook.  Sure, I occasionally take up the task of preparing our meals, but for the most part I have over time become quite accustomed to enjoying having my dinners prepared for me.  On those occasions when I might be left to fend for myself, I am able to whip together something to satisfy my hunger that is borderline nutritious.  Of course sometimes I am guilty of just throwing a frozen pizza in the oven or  something equally insidious. But whatever – it wasn’t like it was a regular occurrence,  right?

Well recently that all started to change.

My lovely wife, who has been attending a full-time Nursing program in college for the past year, has just recently completed said program and earned her Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Degree. (Yay!)  The good news for her  is that soon after completing her training, she was able to find work in the field and so has recently started her gainful employment as an LPN.  The only unforeseen consequence of all this is that many of her recent shifts have  seen her working either in the mornings right upto the dinner hour, or in the afternoon, going right through until the witching hour.  In either case, she has obviously found herself with precious little time to deal with a nightly dinner menu.  Because of my early start job hours I find myself at home by the middle of the afternoon most days and obviously much more available to deal with the dinner.  There is really just one problem and I bet you can already see it coming: my wife is not always too thrilled with what my cooking talents have to offer, and to be fair to her, she has also decided that she cannot complain about this fact without offering some form of recourse.

For years, my wife has been what I would describe as very well versed in the ways of the slow cooker; In fact, until we were given a new Rival Crock Pot as one of the gifts at our wedding shower, my wife had been faithfully using the same old Crock Pot for years and years, telling me and anyone else that would listen that it was “still good enough to get the job done.” Well with my wife being a most able teacher of slow cooker basics and with me needing to acquire some new cooking knowledge sooner rather than later,  it was decided that it was way past time that I learn from her some of her more easily duplicated slow cooking skills.

So there you have it:  a guy who before now would have been very hard pressed to tell you the practical differences between a rival crock pot 2 quart, a rival crock pot 4  quart and a rival crock pot 6 quart slow cooker; what a rival crock pot bbq is and how it actually works; what a rival crock pot smart pot or rival crock pot versaware pro or rival crock pot elume are and what it is that they might do, has now had to come to accept that he will shortly be put to the test and will soon find out whether or not he has the skills necessary to successfully master the ways of the rival crock pot stoneware slow cooker.  Okay, master might be way too strong of a word to use when talking about me and cooking in the same sentence, I will easily admit that.

I will also admit that I have no real clue as to what a rival crock pot double dipper is, but it sounds naughty and I think I want to find out.

I have not committed to using any one specific rival crock pot cookbook or recipe book (my wife has a number of reliable crock pot recipes filed away and of course there is always that handy modern wonder known to many, called the internet.  I have committed to posting up my slow cooker experiences but I have not yet decided on whether or not I will be including any beginner rival crock pot reviews on here.  Before I take that step it is probably better to make sure that I have mastered the fine art of not burning down the apartment or harming any innocent plants or small pets during my cooking experiences.

So no big promises, no grand designs hare at the start.  I don’t claim any plans to become a slow cooking guru by the time I am done, just hopefully, a better cook.  This is one caveman who hopes that by the time he is done, he is able to handle a rival crock pot as ably as his club…

The Crock Pot Caveman

PS. If you think that I am fretting over nothing, feel free to let me know!

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