Some more thoughts on Cavemen in the kitchen

I thought I would take this opportunity to take both a look at the idea of the ‘scared male’  in the kitchen in general, and a further look at my own personal experience with the kitchen ‘learning curve’.


There is Hope for Us Kitchen Cavemen After all

For many of us guys, the thought of any kind of serious culinary commitment in the kitchen fills us with emasculating insecurity. (yep, I consider myself to be in this category) For us, recipes often mean more than just ‘how to’ prepare a meal, they also represent the potential for failure and disappointment.

This is a big reason why learning the basics of how to use a slow cooker really makes a lot of sense for ‘guys like us’. The basics of a slow cooker are just that: very basic. There is not much of a learning curve to cutting up some vegetables and throwing them into a crock pot cooker along with your favorite cut of meat. Really, what easier way of preparing a meal is there? The modern crock pot slow cooker is a means of preparing a meal with a counter-top kitchen appliance that can allow even the most unsure of kitchen cavemen to cook a meal for the whole family. More importantly, it will allow you to prepare a meal for your whole family that they will actually enjoy.

So don’t give up hope guys. Don’t despair. There is an easy answer to your kitchen woes that is just a Rival Crock Pot away!


Cavemen, Kitchens and Crock Pots: a Definite Learning Curve

I like to think that when it comes to the kitchen, there is a kind of Yin and Yang that exists between my Wife and myself; that between the two of us there is a common or middle-ground that helps us to come out ahead with the best alternatives or solutions to most any issues we face. This was recently in evidence when my Wife decided that it was past time that I become more responsible for preparing more of the household meals. I had no real objections to this however I had to remind my Wife of just how kitchen-challenged I had proven myself to be time and time again.

Her solution to this was having me haul out the trusty kitchen counter Rival Crock Pot and start looking for some recipes that even I would find hard to mess up too badly. Well, sure enough I did and soon after we began to enjoy some slow cooked meals courtesy of this kitchen caveman.

Now the area where I consider the Yin and Yang effect to have come into play was when the lid of our trusty crock pot fell onto the kitchen floor one day and showed signs of being the worse for wear (it had a clear crack running along its surface – whoops!). My Wife was all for heading out and starting to do some price shopping to see where we could find the best price on a new crock pot slow cooker, however, my suggestion was to not give up on our current crock pot too quickly and instead to hunt around for someplace that might offer a rival crock pot replacement lid instead. Well sure enough, I found just such a place: the official website of the Rival corporation which happens to include an online store where crock pot owners can both shop for brand new rival brand appliances or shop for Rival Crock Pot Replacement Parts for their existing crock pot brand slow cookers. The price I paid for the new lid was not even a third of what we would have paid for a whole new slow cooker so that was a nice surprise for my wallet. (and considering that it was me who dropped the lid originally and was on the hook for any replacement that we bought, I was doubly happy for any savings that were to be had)

So there you have it: Yin and Yang in effect. One of us got the other going with the slow cooker and that other stopped his wife from spending more than was necessary to keep a slow cooker cooking in our kitchen.

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