Shopping online for your next Crock-Pot? Wanna put some money BACK in your wallet?



So you have maybe decided that it is time to find a replacement part for your trusty kitchen Crock-Pot or even that it is time to ‘bite the bullet’, so to speak, and go out and buy a brand new Crock-Pot. At this point you are weighing your options and looking for a good deal on your next purchase. If you have found a great deal for what you want online and are considering pulling the trigger on an online purchase (maybe at CROCKPOT.COM), then consider making your purchase through FATWALLET . COM. Fat Wallet is a cash-back shopping site (probably one of if not the biggest cash-back site online) which rewards you with cash back from  a long list of online retailers.  You just go to, sign in and follow their link to whichever retailer you are about to shop at to get money back on any purchase you end up making there.  These days, anytime this Crock-Pot Caveman am shopping online – whether it is shopping for household items, electronics or clothing, etc. – I make sure to check the Fat Wallet site first to see if that retailer is offering cash back through them before making any purchase. When it comes to travel, I always visit Fat Wallet before booking my trips at sites like Priceline, Hot Wire, Trivago or Expedia so that I get some money back from those sites.

Anyway, the last time I looked, fatwallet was offering 5% cash back for any purchase made at, so why not sign up at fat wallet (its free and easy) and get a little money back in your wallet?


As of 2016, is no longer involved in offering its members cash back on their online purchases, instead the parent website (that recently bought out fatwallet) has directed all of the sites users to instead use ebates for their cash back shopping. You can sign up for ebates and get a sign-up bonus through this link.

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