A Surprise Guest and An Easy (and Tasty) Crock Pot Moroccan Chicken Recipe for You!

I am happy to offer something different this time around: a guest post from my better half!  Of course I am referring to my darling Wifey, and since it was her who was the impetus behind the Caveman learning to cook with a crock pot in the first place (and since she has done more with a Rival Crock Pot than I will likely ever attempt) it only seems fitting that she offer her own suggestions here. So, without further ado, I present some of my Wife’s ideas on cooking with a slow cooker!


An Easy (and Tasty) Crock Pot Moroccan Chicken Recipe for You

Have you ever tried preparing a Moroccan chicken recipe in your Rival crock pot? It takes a little more time and effort but it is still quite an easy crock pot chicken recipe that will make you a whole heap of food that can be frozen for later lunches and dinners and that is always very handy. There are a few slow cooker recipes for Moroccan chicken that are easy to follow, and for the sake of any slow cooker novices out there, I have chosen to go with one that I consider the easiest.

First, you need to take two whole chickens and spice both of them with a combination of salt and pepper. If you have sea salt and a peppercorn mixture on hand that’s even better. Once the chickens are both spiced, you need to place them into your medium sized crock pot (at least 5 quarts capacity or larger) with around 3 or 4 cups of water and cook the chickens on the high setting for a couple of hours. Once that is done you need to then skin and debone the chickens carefully making sure not to leave any of the smaller bones behind. Afterwards, put the deboned chickens back in your crock pot and continue cooking on high until it is all stringy -usually a couple more hours. When you are first putting the deboned chicken back in the slow cooker, make sure that there is still a couple of cups of liquid in there otherwise add some more.

Once the chicken has cooked for a few hours and softened up, it is time to add any of the spices that you have on hand that you would normally add to your chicken recipes such as maybe sage, tarragon, parsley or some bay leaves. After this go ahead and add a drained and rinsed can of chickpeas and one of mixed beans. You can also chop up and add any other preferred vegetables that come to mind. Now stir it all together and set it to cook for a final hour on the low setting, and when you are done you will have prepared an amazing comfort food for a big group or a few convenient future meals which can be frozen until needed for someone on the go!

Well that definitely sounds tasty,Honey! Thanks for the recipe idea – and for stopping by to share it!

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The second time around, the Caveman tries out an easy crock pot chicken recipe

Well, the first time out, the Kitchen Caveman tried calling on his unpracticed  culinary skills by following his Wife’s directions in preparing a simple yet tasty beginner crock pot beef recipe and experienced a decent amount of success – enough at least to find the courage to try his hand at yet another easy crock pot recipe: this time a beginner crock pot chicken recipe!

I was assured by my wife that there would not be too much difficulty in preparing this one, so that was good to hear.  Like the last recipe we tried out, this time around there would not be too many ingredients to deal with. (another plus, I would say)  So let’s cover the ingredients that we did decide were needed for this simple crock pot chicken recipe.  To repeat the recipe the way me and my wife did it, you will need the following ingredients:

Chicken (obviously). You can go with any part of the bird that you prefer really,  legs / drumsticks, wings, thighs, or breasts are all good for the purposes of this recipe

Vegetables. These should be cut up into one inch-sized cubes; you should consider cutting up between two to three cups worth for a good balance with the entre.  My wife reminded me that you are limited to only those veggies that won’t get too soft after being in the crock pot for a few hours, so consider using the vegetables that I did: carrots, potatoes and mushrooms.(I wanted to also add broccoli but was discouraged from doing so)

Cream base.  We also added a can of cream of mushroom soup, but you can go with other cream-based soups if you like, such as cream of chicken or cream of corn, for example.

In addition to the above ingredients, you should feel free to also add any herbs or spices that might suit your tastes.  For this recipe, my wife recommends a teaspoon of either crushed garlic or ginger, as well as a teaspoon of any herbs that she thought would be a good fit, such as thyme or rosemary.

This turned out to be a pretty easy, straight forward recipe to follow, too;  we started by adding the prepared vegetables into the empty waiting crock pot.  Our next step was to take the collection of chicken pieces and distribute them evenly into the crock pot.  After, we went and added the crushed garlic as well as the before-mentioned herbs.(in this case the rosemary and thyme)  Once this was done, I poured the whole can of cream soup evenly over the contents of the crock-pot.  After you add the soup it is time to place the lid on your crockpot and start it cooking!  From what my wife said, the choice to make was whether or not I needed the meal to cook quickly or over part of the day; for those wanting to cook this recipe on a high setting, you would want to make sure not to let it cook for much more than 3 or 4 hours, and for those wanting to have the meal cook over a longer stretch of time, the desired length is apparently 6 to 8 hours on the low setting.

Something that you really need to keep in mind is that if you are going to be adding any herbs,  my wife suggests that the time to do it is during the last hour and a half of the cooking time. I forgot this tidbit, and because I added the herbs with maybe less than an hour to go in the cooking time, I decided to add to the cooking time to give the herbs time to fully ‘blend’ with everything else.  Well the extra 45 or so minutes that I added to the cooking time of the chicken in the crock pot was maybe a mistake, since the chicken seemed a bit on the over cooked side. (if that is possible to tell with a slow cooked meal) So that is something to really keep in mind if you should decide to follow this recipe yourself.

Good luck!

The Crock Pot Caveman

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