Maintenance before replacement: Saving money with the use of Rival crock pot replacemnt parts

How the Crock Pot Caveman learned an economical lesson on maintaining a trusty home kitchen appliance with the timely acquisition of some Rival crock pot parts…

The first few posts on here were obviously my accounts of learning some of the easier or more basic beginner crock pot recipes out there. Recently, however, my Wife made me aware of something that I had never really dwelt on before: the idea of the value and importance of crock pot maintenance, and knowing when to shop for the right Rival crock pot replacement parts instead of a whole new crock pot.

Recently, our trusty old Rival crock pot was starting to show its age – the knobby handle thing on the top of the crock pot lid had started to become very loose and was clearly about to brake right off. Of course I was under the impression that this was a sign that it was time to go out and start shopping around for a new slow cooker. My wife, however, had different ideas about what needed to be done. For her, the obvious course of action was to start scouting around for a replacement knob for our crock pot lid, and if that ultimately proved to be fruitless, then to hunt around for a replacement crock pot lid. Either way, she figures, the cost of maintenance should be maybe one quarter or one third the cost of going and replacing the crock pot with an entirely new one.

By keeping me in the loop and updated on the progress of her search, I was able to get a grasp on how following the motto of ‘maintenance before replacement’ can mean a long and productive shelf life for your kitchen crock pot or any other brand of slow cooker.

It seems that many people will only make an effort to search for replacement rival crock pot parts by making a visit to their local department stores or their local home kitchen appliance store. This is all well and good, but apparently anyone that just limits them self to these avenues or sources is missing out on some very useful alternatives. Other kinds of retail locations that you should keep in mind are the various liquidation or clearance centers that are out there and that might have either replacement crock pot parts or even whole rival crock pots for sale at very reduced prices that make it almost as affordable to buy a whole new crock pot as it would be to just buy the needed part or parts. My thinking here is that you could buy the new crock pot and start using it and keep your current/older crock pot for parts that you might need in the future.

I mentioned the liquidation centers as one potential source of parts for your slow cooker. Another source to keep in mind are your local charity storefront locations; charity organizations such as the Salvation Army and the SPCA and others maintain a retail presence in most major cities and can often be a source of older kitchen (as well as other home) appliances. Such a retail location might surprise you with a crock pot that is similar enough to your own to be a good pick up just for the parts, and of course there is the added benefit of supporting a good cause with your purchase.

Now my discussion of various concrete retail locations is fine but it is only covering half of the possible resources out there; my Wife has made me aware that there are really a number of other online possibilities out there when it comes to shopping around for rival crock pot replacement lids or handles or knobs or ceramic stoneware liners, etc. If you feel comfortable doing any shopping online, then there are a lot more options available to you. One of the first websites I would recommend would be the official site of the rival crock pot slow cooker: At this site, you can search an online retail catalog of both brand new crock pots as well as new crock pot replacement parts that the company carries in stock and which can be ordered from the site itself. Of course there is no guarantee that your particular model of crock pot has parts available but you won’t know until you look.

You have no doubt heard of both ebay and amazon, and both of these online discount websites often have private retailers and individuals offering either brand new crockpots or brand new replacement parts available for purchase. The prices found on these sites are usually quite far below the regular retail prices you would expect to pay in most brick and mortar retail outlets. You could find a new crock pot at a low enough price to justify buying it so that you can keep your older crock pot for parts.

A couple of online classifieds that you might want to give a try are the Craigslist or Kijiji site for your local city. Both of these sites will often have people posting on them who are either offering for sale or looking to buy various home appliances at reasonable prices. Often people won’t even think to try and sell their older appliances for parts until they see a post looking to buy just such an item. In the case of my wife’s search for a replacement knob, she really was stymied and had no luck with either the stores in her area or the crock pot site, ebay or amazon. In the end, she actually lucked out and found someone offering their older crock pot for sale which was a similar
model to our own and which was reportedly in decent working condition. – it had seen some use with its previous owner but was now considered unnecessary because of the acquisition of a brand new slow cooker, lucky for us! Once we got it, we decided to use it for parts since it had a lid in better shape than ours which we went and switched out but overall showed more signs of wear than our own crock pot.

So there you have it, for maybe one quarter the cost of buying a whole new Rival crock pot, we were able to get a spare crock pot that will end up serving as a source of rival crock pot replacement parts if and whenever we should need them in the future. Score!


*Updated October 2016*

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