Looking for reliable Rival Crock Pot reviews in 2016 (or any other year)?

Not too long ago, this Crock-Pot Caveman was pondering about which of the many Rival Crock Pot brand of slow cookers out there were getting the best reviews in 2016. I was wondering which models of Crock Pots were people still buying and, most importantly, still feeling really good about after buying them. I decided to search online for some relevant information on this. Yes, I Googled. Not surprisingly, it seemed like most of the results I found could be divided into the following three kinds of information:


This consists of Crock Pot reviews posted on blogs by people who own and use a limited number of crockpots and are most happy to share with the world why they think their particular crock pots are the bestest.


To be clear, I do not believe that top ten lists(or top twenty, thirty or whatever number you choose)are necessarily a bad thing. In this case I am really referring mostly to some of the lists I have seen produced by people who seem to think that the best thing one can do is to simply re-post the promotional copy from the packaging of various Rival slow cookers. This inevitably leads to the writer presenting a list of Crock Pots that only seems to take into account the various impressive features listed on the exterior of the kitchen appliance’s packaging while offering little to no information on how well the appliance actually performs. An example of this would be ranking a slow cooker higher on the list because it has, say, an automatic keep-warm feature, ‘making it a great choice for your family’s kitchen.'(at least we hope it will!)


This would be posts by sales sites telling you that funny enough, the crock pots that they had in stock were all the best ones to have in your kitchen (now go click the buy button while we still have it in stock!)


After seeing all of these kinds of results, I decided that maybe I would get the best results by poking around for the best ‘aggregate’ numbers of independent reviews by Crock Pot users; This might sound ‘high-falootin’, but all I really mean by this is that i would likely get the best results if I went and poked around somewhere where larger numbers of people went to share their feedback on their own crock pot purchases – with no motivation other than wanting the world to know how they felt about their kitchen appliance purchases. If such a place also allowed me to ‘play around’ with or sort the reviewers ratings than than that would be a bonus. My search for these kinds of results on one site ultimately led me to… Amazon.com. Really there is no better place to find the bluntly honest opinion of the consumer who is happy or (unfortunately too often) not too happy about their recent online purchase. I was looking for honest opinions and insight in big numbers and Amazon definitely delivers the big numbers.

I looked for which crock pots are still being consistently reviewed in 2016, and most inportantly, are still pulling in consistent positive reviews in 2016. When you can see that the slow cooker that you are kind of interested in has something like 50+ reviews from other crock pot users then you can be sure you are getting a good degree of insight to a product with no likely hidden seller’s agenda. It is also very helpful to see if there is indeed a trend of similar complaints about any particukar product. Its one thing to read one persons complaints about a defective crock pot lid or handle or problems with inconsistent heating, but when you see multiples of the same kinds of complaints on a product you might be saving yourself some future frustration. Another great thing about the Amazon ratings sytem is that it lets you get right into the numbers: not only are you given a breakdown of the rating values, you can also sort those reviews of a product by the highest or the lowest, so even if you find a product that sounds great you can dig a little deeper under the surface to see if there is also any kind of subtrend or subset of negative reviews present repeating any common complaints with the appliance.

Here is one example.

The Rival Crock Pot SCR450-PT 4-1/2-Quart Slow Cooker (the one with a Black Demask Pattern) has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 after something like 800+ reviews (with 70% of those being 5 star ratings) and many of the reviewers have praised how easy it is to use the manual settings and controls of the unit. However there is a subgroup of people who have consistently given it a rating of only 1 star because of what they perceive as a lack of consistent heating; more than one reviewer has complained that the unit does not cook at a consistent internal temperature – and they have even done their own testing to back up their claims. So, the lesson I would take away from this is that it always pays to dig a little bit deeper when you have that kind of information at your fingertips. Sure you will often find a share of low ratings that are just disappointed buyers venting because the small kitchen appliance they bought is not a magic wonder machine that suddenly makes them a better cook at home but sometimes… sometimes those low ratings have actual product flaws behind them!

Anyway, by looking for the highest rated reviews with significant numbers behind them and checking the dates of the more recent of those reviews and also checking to see if the particular crock is still easily available from multiple sellers on Amazon you can get a pretty good idea of not only if you should buy this slow cooker but also if you are likely to find it available in a store near you – if you are not comfortable purchasing a small kitchen appliances online.

So with those guidelines in mind, I have included here a link to an Amazon page that will bring you to the listing for Rival Crock Pots. Once there you can start your own exploration of the best reviewed crock pots of 2016-or any other year!

Check out the Rival Crock Pot on AMAZON.COM