Going International with your trusty Crock Pot!

Slow Cook Your Way Around the World with Your Trusty Kitchen Crock Pot

Crock Pot Caveman here! Here is another fun idea from my Wife that almost any crock pot user can handle: An international crock pot challenge! This is a way to make your slow cooker meals even more interesting and varied. Start off by looking up some Rival crock pot recipes from different countries and then plan to make a different one each week or maybe even a new recipe every few days if you find yourself really starting to have fun with the idea. There are at least a couple of ways that you can have some fun with this. One idea is to get into the habit of using a recipe from a different country or region each week, for example, you could make one week Italian week, the next week Spanish week, and so on. This lets you work your way through the cuisines of different countries at a faster pace. A different approach would be to dedicate each month to a different region, so that one month might be Italian month and another might be dedicated to the recipes of Germany. This gives you the chance to work your way through a number of recipes for each region that you choose.

Either way, your family will benefit by enjoying a culinary trip around the world at your own dinner table.


 Travel Around the World – Without Leaving Your Kitchen

If you are looking for something fun and different to bring new life to your slow cooked meals then here is an idea that anyone can try that will let you travel around the world – through your kitchen!

It is called the International Rival Crock Pot challenge and it involves choosing a slow cooker recipe from a different region of the World each week. Of course, just because you will be choosing recipes from around the world, that does not mean that they have to be any more difficult to prepare; there are many ‘international’ crock pot recipes out there that are still easy crock pot recipes. For example, one week you can start off with some slow cooker Tandoori chicken from India and then follow it up the next week with a traditional German recipe for ham hocks and sauerkraut prepared a la your crock pot. Perhaps a crock pot lazy Italian lasagne would suit your fancy one week? You could then switch things up with a crock pot Spanish rice recipe the next. With the world as your cook book there is bound to be no shortage of fun and easy ideas for your kitchen’s crock pot.

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