An easy Crock Pot pork roast recipe, Caveman-style

After learning how to easily prepare some simple Crock Pot slow cooker recipes with some other cuts of meat, I realized that I had left pork off the table, so to speak, and thought it was maybe time to have my turn at preparing a meal involving pork and my Crock Pot.  To keep things as easy as possible, my Wife decided that we should go with an easy Crock Pot pork roast recipe.  Sounds good to me!  So lets take a look at how we did it and at what results we got.

This ended up being a veerrry easy to follow recipe (the kind I like) for a tasty slow cooked pork roast.  My wife made it clear to me at the outset that the most important thing for this recipe, is that you make sure that the cut of pork that you choose to go with is a good fit for your Crock Pot; it doesn’t really matter so much what cut or joint of pork you choose to go with – shoulder or leg are both good examples – more that your piece of meat is a comfortable fit in the slow cooker.

With the above caveat in mind, lets take a look at the ingredients we went with for this recipe:

The Ingredients:

* An appropriately-sized piece of pork for roasting in the crockpot.
* Some assorted vegetables cut-up into one-inch cubes – we went with potatoes and cut up carrots.
* One tablespoon of butter mixed with one-half teaspoon of ground sage and one-half teaspoon of ground ginger.

The first thing that my wife had me do is to throw all of the cut up vegetables into our empty crock pot.  She reminded me that any vegetables that you cook in this recipe will not turn out crispy, but will instead end up soft and will take on the flavor of your chosen meat.  The next thing we had to do was to rub the butter/sage/ginger mixture over the raw meat.  After doing this, we placed the rubbed meat on top of the veggies in the pot and made sure after doing so that the lid of the crock pot would close comfortably and securely on top of the crock  once it was filled with the various ingredients.

Our last decision to make was whether we wanted to cook the roast on the high or low setting, keeping in mind that the high setting will only require a cooking time of between four and six hours, while the low setting will require you to let it cook for between eight to ten hours.  Really it comes down to what your own personal cooking situation is and whether you have more or less time to let the meal cook before serving it out.  Since we were only going to be needing a few hours after the crock pot was turned on and had started cooking to take care of a few errands, we opted to go with the high setting for this recipe.

The results?  Well I would say it was a success, however my wife was right on about the veggies taking on the flavor characteristics of the meat and this was something that I was not especially keen on.  Otherwise, the meat turned out really well and overall I would say that the easy crock pot pork roast recipe was a success!

Until the next time!

The Caveman

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