Add Some New Life to a Crock Pot Potluck Party

Hey there! I am back with another Crock pot meal idea from my Wife. This time around, she has given me some suggestions on how to use your trusty rival slow cooker to make the meal for your group get together a tad more interesting.

Are you thinking about having a crock pot get-together or potluck party? This is an amazing way to bring some real variety to a regular, boring potluck gathering. Here is an example for you. Recently, one of my college classes planned a potluck feast and it ended up being a terrific get together. Some members of the class all came to the school around eight o’clock in the morning and set up their Rival crock pots. Soon after, the rest of my classmates showed up and started sorting the crock pot ingredients that each of them had brought and the various meats and vegetables were thrown into the waiting slow cookers. Some people had brought their little fondue crock-pots so they plugged them in later. We didn’t need to worry if the food was refrigerated or not because it was cooking while we were learning. By the time our lunch hour had rolled around, we all had an appetite and our crock pot meals were all finished cooking and ready to be served out! It was a great experience and I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

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